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Our Advantags

Our Advantages

Let Burnled vivify your life!

Comprehensive advantages:

◆ Products: LED soft light strips, LED modules, LED hard light strips and other excellent LED boutiques;

◆ Corporate culture: Burnled has established a distinctive and unique value system. Integrity, gratitude and responsibility are the core values of the company;

◆ Product positioning: adhere to the medium and high quality line, produce medium and high grade LED advertising light source products, and pursue stable product functions and long service life;

◆ Equipment: Burnled has many high-precision injection molding machines, fully automated module production equipment, standard production plants and complete anti-static system devices;

◆Spot supply: we pursue the initiative, rapidity, standardization and thoughtfulness of service. The production capacity of LED advertising light source products is leading the industry, and spot supply

Let Burnled vivify your life!